drAwn 2gether: Robin Mason

The first of our series on drAwn 2gther ‘s participating artists:

The Forest, the Book and the Alterpiece

When a deadline opens up a space and a drawing needs to appear, there are questions to be asked: what should this A2 sheet of paper for an exhibition in Munich produce? I start drawing and remember how on my way to Munich I first passed Colmar and then the Black Forest. I reflect on a book about the Isenheim Altarpiece, which spoke to me at the time; the book told me who the piece had met and who it had influenced while it was in Munich. I started to draw and think. A book appeared, a forest and a transcribed version of the Isenheim Altarpiece followed. Once again I sublimated Grünewald’s far too painful altarpiece imagery into organic forms, bordered by the threshold of a forest that could be in Wales, The Vosges or The Black Forest. The space talks of a style stuttering journey. A journey from Wales to Colmar to Munich to Colmar and back to Munich. Robin Mason, 2014


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