GiG Munich is an independent art project space in Munich, Germany. Set up in 2015 by Magdalena Wisniowska and David Henrichs as a experimental platform for contemporary art and design, it is not a conventional gallery. GiG Munich does not represent the artists it exhibits, but instead enters into creative collaborations, with the artist often making work specifically for the space. Uniquely, GiG Munich pays special attention to the theoretical context of the work and the exhibitions are often a mutual exploration of the relevant philosophical concepts between Magdalena Wisniowska and the artist(s).

Currently, GiG aims to run four to six shows per year.

In addition to its exhibition programme, it hosts artist talks, zoom discussions and reading groups.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hallo Magdalena, Sie haben da etwas Tolles geschaffen mit Ihrer Galerie. Haben Sie einen Newsletter o.Ä.? Sehr gerne komme ich auch zu Ihrer Finissage. Mich hat Konstantin Ried auf Sie aufmerksam gemacht. Mit herzlichen Grüßen, Martina Koula. (hallo@lakoula.com)

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