29th March – 11th May 2018 – Angelina

Susanne Wagner

Solo exhibition

Angelina 1-2

3rd – 11th March 2018 – Speculatives Design, Körper des digitalen Geistes

Lisa Käsedorf, Eva-Maria Leonhard

Design event as part of MCBW


2nd February – 2nd March 2018 – Constellation : Konstellation

Robin Mason

Solo exhibition


10th November – 15th December 2017 – Nothing

Lou Jaworski

Solo exhibition

Lou Installation Shot

15th September – 27th October 2017 – Beletage

Tim Bennett

Solo exhibition exploring the theme of gentrification


16th June – 21st July 2017 – exercises

Jenny Forster, Mary Ramsden


28th April – 28th May 2017 – EASY

Jonah Gebka, Hannes Heinrich, Steffen Kern, Janka Zöller

Group exhibition by students from the Munich Academy of Fine Art


10th March – 7th April 2017 – inorganic landscape

Stephanie Hofer, Rebecca Partridge, Miriam Salamander

Group exhibition with landscape theme.


9th December – 13th January 2017 – fruits of the dawn

Stefan Lenhart


10th September – 7th October 2016 – Abstract Pleasures

Kathrin Partelli, Thomas Wieland


18th June – 26th July 2016 – occupied corner

Michael Lukas

Solo exhibition


12th March – 15th April 2016 – After Realism

Liane Lang, Richard Moon, Maria Thurn und Taxis, Gavin Tremlett, Youjin Yi 

Photographs and paintings exploring the theme of reality


7th November – 5th December 2015 – Jo Love

New graphic work, digital prints and drawings by the English artist


12th September – 4th October 2015 – Open Art weekend

Showcasing gallery artists

5th September – 3rd October 2014 – A2

Group show, featuring drawings by 12 artists

8th November – 1st January 2014 – USA

Group show, featuring posters by 12 artists, co-curated with Alasdair Duncan


3rd – 28th June 2013- Dusk till Dawn

Opening night, Friday 31st May 2013

Magdalena Wisniowska, recent work.

dtd 3

16th – 24th February 2013 – Munich Creative Business Week

Opening night, Wednesday 20th February 2013

Presenting new work from DH product design.

DH product design, installation view

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