USA participating artists: Esther Planas

Esther Planas

My America is Red Indian is a very obvious, blatant statement that I nevertheless felt compelled to make public.  America has been many things during my life as a culturally colonised subject. One of my childhood icons is the Bonanza TV series and its tune will always be part of my memories. Something so distant, so disconnected and so unreal. With Bonanza, I associate the image of Aby Warburg and the Pueblo Indian men from Texas and Arizona. It makes me think of a possible parallel situation: the lands returning to its people and us only visiting every now and then. For this to happen is almost impossible. But it might be possible that we become more aware of what contemporary America has been built on. The real Americans, their world , their culture , their Icons and Spirits ….their Rituals …                        EP 2013

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