drAwn 2gether: Dan Wallis

Plan of Coiled Object

The process of drawing is fundamental to my practice as a sculptor. It can at times direct me rigidly so I can practically construct an object and at other moments be a fluid and abstract spatial origin.

I have been making these cut out drafts of objects for a while now, they help me develop complex structures and visualise a spatial hierarchy of a virtual object.

Perhaps the use of a scalpel to draw instead of a pencil or ink blurs the line between two dimensions and three with its resulting depth. However the information taken from the resulting pictorial image does not rely on the carved dimension only the line removed or added as vinyl.

The image primarily illustrates two things; one face of a three sided object and a coloured detail that rotates around these three faces.

The resulting image seems abstract yet is actually a diagram or map of a potential thing.

Daniel Wallis 2014.

Opt. 02b

OPENING: 5th SEPTEMBER 2014, 18:30-20:30 – SAVE THE DATE!!!

[Exhibition open from the 6th of September till the 3rd of October – by appointment only]

After a long break GiG Munich begins season 2014 with drAwn 2gether, a group exhibition featuring 12 artists connected with the gallery, both directly and indirectly. Despite widely divergent practices, each had agreed to submit one drawing on the condition it is the standard A2 landscape in size. What the drawing is – this was left for the individual artist to decide.

As a premise then, the show takes up the old and somewhat tired question of medium: on the one hand art theory’s preoccupation with how to classify, assess and give value to the fact that the arts are diverse rather than one; on the other, philosophy’s affirmation of the one essence of art. But while it acknowledges the tension inherent in these two concepts of art, it makes no serious claims to that effect. Instead, it makes use of this tension to bring together an otherwise disparate group, while simultaneously allowing for their differences. Whereas the restriction in format is meant to serve as an individuating device, spotlighting the artist’s particular set of concerns, the call for drawing affirms art (as Adorno righty notes) a free movement of discrete moments.

The list of exhibiting artists:

Alasdair Duncan

Jo Love

Robin Mason

Richard Moon

Rebecca Partriage

Joanna Phelps

Robert Rush

David Small

Diana Taylor

Will Tuck

Sally Underwood

Daniel Wallis


More updates on artists coming soon!