USA participating artists: Magdalena Wisniowska

Magdalena Wisniowska

All of my recent work, no matter how abstract it might seem to an unsuspecting audience, has as its origin everyday life. By wiping away carefully built-up layers of paint, I have depicted many of my immediate surroundings: the trees outside my window, the buildings across the courtyard, the distant rooftops and their chimneys. Those more familiar with my painting would say it has an element of Edward Hopper’s work. Both the subject matter and the light quality are similar.

However, this aspect of my painting practice is not something that I have willingly acknowledged and actively pursued. To paint the way Edward Hopper did, uncritically and without self-consciousness, seemed to me an indulgence that I would not, could not, afford.

For me, ‘Amerika’ as a site of collective dreams, myths and fantasies offers a place for such indulgence. It is that imaginary space where I can look out of the window and paint simply what I see.  And in this particular arrangement of roofs, brickwork, shuttered windows and blue sky I do see a Hopper painting, with the lonely figure about to step out on the white-railed balcony.                     MW2013

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Von Anbeginn an übte Amerika einen starken mythischen Reiz auf die Welt aus. Amerika ist sowohl ein Ort als auch aus eine aufregende, wirbelnde Abstraktion von Ideen, Fantasien, Träumen und Bildern des Imaginären, das nicht nur Amerika gehört sondern der ganzen Welt. Unser Amerika (wir, die keine Amerikaner sind) beschwört heftige, parteiische Emotionen herauf, und macht unsere Beziehung zu unseren Verhältnisse und zu der Realität der USA deutlich. Ein solches Amerika, das Amerika der Welt, war und ist ein Stoff und eine treibende Kraft kulturellen Schaffens.                                    Alasdair Duncan

Die von GiG Munich organisierte Ausstellung, U-S-A,  erweitert die Thematik der Amerika-Kuratoren. Die Ausstellung hat vor, unsere europäischen Vorstellungen Amerikas zu sammeln und unsere Beziehung zu der aktuellen Realität der USA widerzuspiegeln.

GiG Munich lädt Künstler, Designer, Architekten, Fotografen und Filmmacher ein, Plakate ihrer Vorstellungen von Amerika einzureichen. Während des München-Kunst-Wochenendes 2013 werden diese Plakate gezeigt und dann in die Amerika-Ausstellung aufgenommen.

Save the date!

GiG Munich is planning a group show to coincide with the annual München Kunstwochenende taking place on the  8th, 9th and 10th of November. Save the date!


America has from its inception had a powerful mythic pull for the world beyond it. America, as well as being a place, is made of a heady, swirling abstraction of ideas, fantasies, dreams, myths, and images: forms of the imaginary which belong no less to the world than to Americans. Our America (we who are not Americans) invokes fierce partisan emotions, and draws us here and there in our relation to our own circumstances as well as the reality of the United States, better and worse. This America, the America of the rest of the world, has been, and continues to be, a material and drive for tremendous cultural production.

Alasdair Duncan, Amerika

 U-S-A, organized by GiG Munich, continues with the premise put forward by the curators of Amerika. The show aims to collect our European visions of America and reflect the mediated relation we have with the current realities of the United States.

GiG Munich invites artists, designers, architects, photographers and filmmakers to submit posters documenting their American visions. These 20 posters will be shown as part of Munich’s Art Weekend 2013 and then incorporated into the larger Amerika show.