You call but not to me

Hannes Heinrich, Buket Isgören

As part of Various Others and in collaboration with Temporary Gallery, Centre for Contemporary Art, Cologne

Milchstr. 4, 81667 Munich

09.09.2022 – 29.09.2022

Opening: 9.09.2022, 5 pm


Hannes Heinrich, o.T. (Hoody) 2022, charcaol and paper on canvas, 45 x 35 cm

GiG Munich is excited to collaborate with the Temporary Gallery. Centre for Contemporary Art, a Cologne-based art association and center for contemporary art, in presenting the work of Hannes Heinrich and Buket Isgören.

The work of GiG Munich and the Temporary Gallery. Centre for Contemporary Art is strongly theoretical and both spaces strive to establish a critically relevant and broad cultural, historical, social, and scientific framework for each of their curatorial projects.

Hannes Heinrich and Buket Isgören paint and draw what is personal and close by: flowers and oil on canvas, found objects in their studios, pencil drawings. Yet their intense shared approach leads beyond the mundane. In a world where the distribution of power is semiotically organized via meaning, each thing a sign for something else, Heinrich’s and Isgören’s objects are so imbued with meaning, they turn away and forge their own paths. Curated by Aneta Rostkowska and Magdalena Wisniowska.

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