DH product design at MCBW (2)

Some more photos from DH product design at MCBW, this time taken at night for a more dramatic effect:

Installation view 4

The DELO 4.2 and the transparent 3-Star in front of the cube lights.  The Reading light is switched on. This image demonstrates how the different use of metal changes the quality of the energy saving lightbulbs, with the brass and copper cubes lending the light a particularly warm glow.

Installation view 5

The left hand side of the gallery as you enter, showing the orange KYDEX 3-Star, the white 4-Star and the DELO 4.2.

Installation view 6

And finally, the right had side of the gallery again, with the DELO 4.2, the transparent 3-Star and the orange Kelis.

DH product design at MCBW

These are the first installation shots of DH product design at GiG Munich.

DH product design, installation view

This installation view shows the entire range of the cube lights, including the Star Ghost light on the left, the Reading light in the middle and the Ganges light on the right. Suspended from the ceiling above is the white 4-Star on the left, the DELO 4.2  in the middle and the transparent 3-Star on the right.

Installation view 2

This next image shows more of DELO 4.2, the transparent 3 Star and the orange Kelis.

Installation view 3

The last image shows the line of lights to the right of the DELO 4.2. Running from right to left, these mark the chronological progress of DH product design pendant lighting.  The early 3-Star and Kelis exhibited as part of the Hidden Art stand at Milan’s Salone Satellite in 2007 still retain a metal structural element; the more recent transparent 3-Star is made from a single plastic sheet.